Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Layering swatches

Hello there,

How are you enjoying the new year?  Did Santa bring you some new crafting goodies?  Yes?!

So what is first thing you do when you get new stamp, other then removing it from the package and give it a test run?  Do you file it or store it, or put it in a "to use" basket?

For me I definitely do some test runs, I stamp them on white card stock with a few different colours (especially the solid stamps).  And from these stamped images I cut them and use them as masks.  I place them in an small envelope and tuck them inside the same package.

But for my Colour Laying Butterflies stamp set, I did more than a test run.  I created some Colour Layering swatches, so in the future I could see how each colour combination looks like.  Nothing fancy, I just stamp on white card stock, and make note of the colours I used.

These should help me remember which inks work better together.

In the same set, the smaller butterfly had a sold layer, so if I don't want to mix the ink, I must mask the area.  Here I use a shadow ink and stamp a bunch of the shapes for masking purposes.

And this is how the other layering butterfly look:

If I didn't mask it, I wouldn't be able to have the darker ink on the outside.  Although I didn't make a card this time, I had fun "documenting"!!  I wonder what these swatches would inspire me to do next?

Come back next Wednesday, perhaps I have a project using these butterflies to share with you.  Until then have fun crafting!!


Betty Keefe said...

great idea Cindy - i am so bad about remembering what colors i used when layering - must take time this year to use this idea - thanks.

Lin said...

I've done the same thing with my Altenew layering flowers....sure does help when trying to remember what goes with what!

fairyrocks said...

I LOVE this idea for beautiful samples and organizing. Very clever work.

Barb Ghig said...

Thank you so much for sharing your idea with us, Cindy! Honestly, I never thought to do something like this, but it works well...Clever girl :)