Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Canadian Stamp Talk Group Info

Hello to all my CST group friends:

We have up to 9 members now in the CST flickr group.  Some of you have uploaded photos to the group pool.  Thank you!

I know some of you have expressed that you're not familiar with using flickr.  So I've made a little tutorial on how to Upload and Tag your photo.  PLEASE tag your photo, this is the way I can find you photo and know what challenge they are for.

Okay let's start with the sign in screen.
This is quite straight forward, enter your sign in name and password and click Sign In.

Then you'd be on the home screen.  Bring cursor to You and from pull down menu click Group.

And this is group screen.

To upload a photo, click the Cloud with Up arrow icon next to your buddy icon (circle in red) below.

Then this screen appears.
Click the Choose photos and videos button and follow the instructions.

Once you've chosen your photo, it appears on the screen like this.  Then bring you cursor to the corresponding fields to change name of photo, add description, enter tag and add photo to the CST flickr group.

When you click the Group button, a small screen appears listing all the groups you belong, click Canadian Stamp Talk (CST) group, a green check appears.  Click Done.

You will see the group buddy icon like so.

Then click the Upload button (top right corner below you buddy icon) circle in red.

Click Upload again in the pop up.

Should you want to add to group or add tag after you uploaded your photo, click the photo in your photo stream and you will see these options below your photo.  Just click and enter or select what you want.

Hope this helps!  Please tag the photos of January's challenge cst2016jan.

Leave a comment here if you have questions.  I'll try my best to answer.

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